[Wine] Support priority request

A Nonny Moose wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 10 14:05:29 CST 2011

As far as I know, this problem has existed forever, or since I started using wine.

I've been looking at these two lines for a long time.  My application, SimCity 4 does not appear to have any way to grant the request for a single buffer.  No one I have asked has a handle on this.

fixme:d3d:swapchain_init The application requested more than one back buffer, this is not properly supported.
Please configure the application to use double buffering (1 back buffer) if possible.

This application is very heavy in graphics with several different animation activities going on simultaneously.  It has a lot of crashes and glitches due to internal bugs, but one of the problems is garbled graphics which occur when the system "runs out of graphics memory".  I suspect that having enough buffers would fix this.

I have been away from programming for more than 30 years or I would have a look at it.  As I recall, buffer management is not a big deal, just a little picky.  Now, at best, I am a kind of sophisticated end-user and can't really code any more.

Is there any chance to increase the priority of this item?

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