[Wine] having trouble start Black Ops on Ubuntu 10.10

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 12 13:29:26 CST 2011

On 2/9/11 8:52 PM, ayjazz wrote:
> dimesio wrote:
>> ayjazz wrote:
>>> bump
>> Don't do that. People on the mailing list will have no idea what this is about.
> Ehh, sorry.  Just trying to see if anyone else had suggestions.  I'm still new to this whole Linux thing.  I love it for my programming classes though, but wouldn't mind getting some games to run on it, just to say that I did.
A question and update do wonders.

Have you posted a terminal output from 
http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#run_from_terminal?  If you get more than one 
screen OR a process dump, please use the pastebin at Ubuntu and then 
post the URL here so we can go and look at it.  Posting it here sends it 
to hundreds of people and is not efficient.  I do request that you also 
include the line you used to start the program, you do not have to 
include machine information if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

Thank you.

James McKenzie

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