[Wine] [Warcraft 3 FT] Using the ALT + <x> combination for items

starach wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 19 11:57:02 CST 2011


I was able to configure and run W3FT with eurobattle.net. I'm also being able to use CustomKeys. Unfortunately not all of them 

> http://www.drjones.dk/customkeys/extensionscript/DCGExtensionScript2.2.exe

Above application enables custom key shortcuts in windows. Its useful for items menu. I set them as fallows to Alt + q, w, e and Alt + a, s, d. Every application is on and running and after pressing F5 i hear it saying "Custom keys activated" but those shortcuts doesn't work.

On this page: 

> http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=3126

I found the fallowing:

> How do avoid problems w­ith ALT-KEY combos?
> Window managers often have the alt key bound to certain features, especially the alt-click. THIS IS NOT A WINE BUG. If you have problems with the alt key in any way DO NOT REPORT IT. Fix your window manager. If you are desperate, turn off window manager managed windows in winecfg.
> Go into KDE Control Center, expand Desktop, click window behavior, then click window actions tab. You can turn off the alt-combos. If you want to make window specific settings, click on window specific settings under window behavior on the side.
> The option to change the key binding is in System Menu -> Preferences Menu -> Windows.
 Unfortunately after doing the fallowing for gnome my shortcuts still doesn't want to work either. 
Only option left is to turn of window manager but since I compiled wine from sources I don't have winecfg application. Can it be disabled some other way? Or maybe there is other sollution?

Thanks in advance.

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