[Wine] Re: unable to set drive label

akosmaroy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 20 11:26:52 CST 2011

vitamin wrote:
> akosmaroy wrote:
> > I wonder if someone can help me: I can't seem to be able to set the drive label for a CD image mounted under wine
> Correct, you can't. Unless that image already has valid disk label, that Wine will read.
> You can't set iso image label with Wine, since it will require you to create a special file. And in most cases you can't write into the image (it's mounted read-only).

the iso image itself has a label - and this is what I'd want wine to see. but as wine sees the image only through the Linux filesystem, it doesn't see the label anymore.

is there a way to mount an iso image directly under wine, so that it would see the disk label? or any other way to simulate a CD-ROM with a specific label?

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