[Wine] Strange uninstall issue - privileges.

gmureddu wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 23 01:38:35 CST 2011

Pretty much the title says it all... I'm having a real hard time trying to uninstall a game (Gabriel Knight 3) with Uninstaller, every time I try to I'm greeted with a nice Windows dialog that reads:

> The login account does not have the required privileges to remove the selected application. Please use an administrator account

How can that be? Sure, this installation is getting long in the tooth... I do not remember since when I'm carrying this .wine directory which I have been very careful to and have upgraded from many wine releases back... Everything seems to work OK, now except for this. I'm intrigued, though I did install the application myself, but maybe a couple releases of my distribution back (in Fedora 12 maybe?), however, my Linux user and home directory have not changed, then again this is the first time I'm trying to "uninstall" something from within Wine... Which is a whole other story in itself (got hit by the Bad EXE format for the GK3.exe file bug, and I've not found a work around, and thought of reinstalling the application instead).

Any hints with either or both problems would be much appreciated.


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