[Wine] wow 4.0.6 wine 1.3.13 opengl segmentation fault

ms1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 24 15:32:17 CST 2011

I have iE8400 / Ga-P35-Ds3 / 4 GB 800mhz Patriot / Zotac GTS250 512mb.
Ubuntu x64 10.10.
The version of the driver of Nvidia driver 270.
Wine 1.3.13 the Wonderful with patch(spesial for wow) really up my FPS.
In the same theme I have found out that under D3d such problem isn't present, on FPS we will not compare with game... Too strong brakes.
In a mode openGL I have departures with "segmentation fault".
Has noticed that, it is an error takes off only at deaths  on Battle Grounds or Tol Barade. After a departure attempt to come comes to the end with a repeated departure. Roughly speaking, game takes off only when there is a loading screen.
Has found the decision with installation of a package from 32 digit versions of drivers - it hasn't helped.
In a theme specified above there was an offer apropos "direct3d9 is not available without opengl" /
Please, misters, let's think as it is possible it will cope problem, very much it would be desirable with opengl to play on 120 + FPS

ps Has created a new theme because it is assured and I know, many players now suffer with same problem, many in mine guild and search will be is made directly under the theme name.

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