[Wine] Xfire Crashing

501st_alpha1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 26 18:32:43 CST 2011

I am having some troubles with Xfire (installer number 43094). I am running Ubuntu 10.10. Xfire starts and I can log in, but as soon as I click something, it crashes.

I'm starting with a fresh WINEPREFIX. There is nothing else installed there, and no changes in winecfg. Windows version is set to XP.
First couple trys, running Wine 1.2.2 from the Ubuntu repositories:
This one has some cut off at the beginning, and it actually didn't crash right away.

Then I removed Wine, downloaded the sources, and configured and compiled both 1.2.2 and 1.3.14. These now reside in two separate directories in my opt folder, and I'm running them from the build directory (no make install).

1.2.2, same prefix:

1.3.14, new prefix/install (I have install log if you want it):

My ultimate goal is to be able to run Xfire with a game in wine, but I'm not even going to attempt that until I can get Xfire to work by itself. Any ideas?

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