[Wine] Re: cannot activate Partsmart

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 1 16:03:13 CDT 2011

> Is there a pdf manuel for wine?

Eww! Gross! Someone seriously needs to make an open source alternative to that dreadful format. It's easy to view one, but have you tried to edit or make one?

Anyways, Linux (at least Mint does) comes with a virtual printer that prints to PDF instead of to paper. You can go online to the WINE FAQ and some wikis and "print" them to PDF. That'd be a PDF manual for WINE.

You could also "print" off the common myths about WINE.

Just click the "About Wine" link at www.winehq.org to get a link to the common myths. Click the wiki link back at the home page to get a link to the FAQ.

The actual manual can be accessed in Linux by going to terminal and typing "man wine". "Man" is short for "manual". Lots of programs have such "man pages". For example, in Linux, you could do "man sudo", "man mount", "man modprobe", "man shutdown", or a host of other programs.

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