[Wine] The King of Queens box seasons 1-9 box set on sale

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Fri Jul 1 22:19:47 CDT 2011

"Well Done! A classic show brought back Two and a Half Men seasons 1-7 on dvd (http://www.discyou.com/goods-287.html) up to date.	""They've managed to bring back the classic Dr. Who show, but in a more modern format. Faster-paced, but still filled with the famous British humor of the classic series, along with drama, chills and great plots. Bones season 1-5 price (http://www.discyou.com/goods-400.html) I found "Dalek" to Haven tv serie dvd for cheap (http://www.discyou.com/goods-4000.html) be the highlight of the season, but I CSI New York on dvd 1-6 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-413.html) don't want to give anything away,"" so pick this up and enjoy! Warning: You may be stuck in front of your TV for the entire weekend!  """""										
"Christopher Eccleston is the DOCTOR!	""The new Doctor Who series I Love Lucy seasons 1-8 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-352.html) has a bigger budget and better writing than the past generations and it's tons of fun!  Christopher Eccleston in the 1st series as the Doctor is FANTASTIC.  Great action packed stories that are lots of fun to Babylon 5 complete seasons 1-5 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-709.html) watch.  If you never Scrubs box set series 1-9 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-292.html) understood the British cult of Doctor Who previously, this new series will hook you.In the second series,"" David Tennant's Doctor is just a bit melodramtic nutsy with a tinge of mushy humanism (a few too many diatribes about the magnificance of the human race).  But still worth watching!  """""										
"He's back.  Finally.	""The Ninth Doctor's first tv series purchase 1-4 Burn Notice (http://www.discyou.com/goods-3994.html) and last season is 13 episodes of crazy adventure, dangerous action, silly humor, weird science, colorful aliens, undead humans, dead fathers, German bombs, living plastic, jokes about Star Trek, Daleks, time travel, deadly TV shows and the TARDIS.  The discs, five in all, have tons of behind the scene The Golden Girls season 1-7 box set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-285.html) extras, trailers,"" interviews and each episode of the series has commertary.  """""										
"The Doctor is IN....	This CSI New York complete series 1-6 dvd (http://www.discyou.com/goods-413.html) is such a great update to an old favorite.  It brings the Doctor into the 21st century while maintaining Law and Order Special Victims Unit box set 1-11 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-717.html) all the charm and fun of the original! The King of Queens box seasons 1-9 box set on sale (http://www.discyou.com/goods-706.html)  		http://www.amazon.com/review/R1KNRKNJ39Q1IS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"										
"Good Family show	""I started watching the show by myself but later on included my five year old. The show is a complete family entertaining show. It helps the children think about space and the universe. I love Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston make a good pair.Ecclestion is a bit rude in the beginning but you love him at the end. The show brings a little bit of everything , laughter, Nip Tuck complete season 1-6 dvd box set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-334.html) anger,"" and love.  """""										
"BEST DR. WHO EVER!	""Buy the Dr. Who Complete First Series DVD set now! Don't be a cheapskate like me. On a whim, I bought Volume 1 of the OZ season 1-6 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-399.html) Series last Friday and by Sunday, I was compelled to purchase the remaining three volumes. The show is just that good! Christopher Eccleston is The Big Bang Theory season 1-3 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-296.html) phenomenal as the Doctor. Witty, sarcastic, cerebral, vindictive, compassionate and ocasionally scary. I challenge anyone to watch the Dalek episodes and not be impressed by Eccleston's performance! I know Sci Fi series aren't supposed to be Shakespeare. But Eccleston transcends the genre. Billie Piper and the supporting cast are all great as well. It's great watching The Doctor and Rose's relationship intensify with each episode...I'm an American who grew up watching Tom Baker's Dr. Who on PBS. So naturally, I was skeptical about the latest incarnation of the hero. Nevertheless,"" all my reservations were for naught! Russell T. Davies has done a commendable job resurrecting the series. He somehow managed to update the show without compromising the integrity of the characters!Bravo. I only wish Eccleston had at least given OZ dvd set all 1-6 seasons (http://www.discyou.com/goods-399.html) us one more season....Buy the set or each volume individually...but don't pass this gem up!  """""

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