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"""Did I mention? It also travels in time.""	""All in all, this is a fantastic regeneration of a classic TV series, and it's nice to have the "Doctor Who" saga continuing after such a long and unfortunate lapse. Still, as anyone familiar with the show knows, the Doctor is always disoriented and Friends season 1-10 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-288.html) weakened immediately after he regenerates, and the same must be buy The Big Bang Theory all season 1-3 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-296.html) admitted of this first season. It's still better than much of what passes for entertainment nowadays, and I liked it a lot, but it must be admitted that it falls somewhat short of its full potential and of what longtime followers of the renegade Time Lord's adventures have come to expect.Christopher Eccleston's rendition of the Doctor is a compelling one, and he brings a real screen presence and charisma to the role. He's taken on the much beloved eccentricity, lighthearted wackiness, and comforting sense of justice of the character and alloyed it with a bitter sense of sarcasm and a short temper in a convincing fashion (with a streak of arrogance reminiscent of William Hartnell's original Doctor). It's a tough balance to strike, but he manages quite well and gives us a purchase all 1-6 series of CSI New York (http://www.discyou.com/goods-413.html) Doctor who is very much alien but very much likeable.The Doctor's companion Rose is also a nice, believable character with a more active role in the stories and a life outside the Tardis--the effects upon both oneself and one's family & friends of whisking oneself away from one's everyday grind and traveling time and space with a cosmic hobo is explored here in a way unprecedented in "Doctor Who" history and I found it refreshingly realistic and original. Even if it all does get a bit "domestic" sometimes.However, while it's all fine and well to give the show a faster pace in line with contemporary sensibilities and frankly wonderful to endow it with the production The King of Queens complete seasons 1-9 box set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-706.html) values it's always deserved (i.e. cool special effects), the heart of "Doctor Who" has always been in the excellent quality of its science fiction storytelling, and that's the part that's really shaky and unsteady here. Actually, cheap It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 1-5 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-313.html) the first three stories are truly excellent and well-told, but the quality starts gradually dropping off from there (with peaks nonetheless, like "Dalek" and "The Empty Child"). Many of the stories seem a bit rushed and slapdash, with crisis resolutions annoyingly sudden and unprepared for, like rabbits Medium 1-7 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-3991.html) pulled out of a magician's hat. The worst offender on the latter score transpires in the otherwise Star Trek Deep Space Nine on dvd 1-7 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-279.html) exciting and promising season finale, where we get a very literal (!) "Deus ex Machina" solution--c'mon folks, even the ancient Greeks got tired of that one.Still, I'm willing to chalk these shortcoming up to regeneration disorientation. Overall, the show is thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable, and it's nice to have the ride of a lifetime (or nine lifetimes,"" rather) back on the road again.  """""										
"Excellent just too $$$	I loved Doctor Who when I was a kid.  I followed the show through its various incarnations and happy when it was brought back.  I was worried it would be too pop and trendy but was pleased with the results.I just cannot figure out why a ?14.97 title runs for $65 here in the states.I mean a reasonable markup is one thing but really this is plain greed.Oh well there's still BBC for me.  :p  		http://www.amazon.com/review/R2UG2H8RKCWXCR,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"										
"A Doctor with all of the safetys turned off. - Spoilers	""If you are a fan of the old Married with Children season 1-11 dvd set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-398.html) Doctor Who series for kids you may be surprised by the new series which is anything but kid stuff. Some of the episodes are now too scary for young children. Although Doctor Who always had a high body count, the deaths are made to seem more poigniant and real by artful cinematography and a full emotional score. The vastly-improved special effects and the increased quality of acting in this series reduces the camp elements Married with Children all 1-11 seasons (http://www.discyou.com/goods-398.html) making the dangers feel more real.The Doctor as played by Christopher Eccelson is much darker and much slicker than previous incarnations. Having survived the "Time War" which is said to have destroyed both the Dalek race and the Time Lords, the doctor appears shell-shocked. He is full of guilt for his part in the extermination MASH series 1-11 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-422.html) of his own race. This makes him both angry and vulnerable. His guilt over being the last surviver of his race makes him hesitant in some situations, and vicious in others. He is especially determined in his desire for all remaining Daleks to be destroyed. The doctor's guilt and vulnerability also make him susceptable to romantic attachments , and he becomes romantically involved with his companion Rose. This makes him extremely sensitive to situations that put Rose in danger.In one situation where Rose is threatened he yells out, "I'm gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky!" A phrase that it is difficult to imagine any previous Doctor saying. This Doctor is much more emotionally involved in the world around him, a situation hightened by the fact that he has no safety net. There are no other time lords around to fix his mistakes. The Doctor must constantly face the consequences of his actions, from getting slapped by Rose's mother for stealing her girl away, to observing the degradation of a world that he thought he had set right. This series is also more sexually suggestive than previous series. Much of this is found in the character of Captain Jack, a former time cop gone freelance implied to be bisexual. This character also appears nude in one episode although nothing is shown.Although some episodes may be too intense for children, the series is too good for older science fiction fans to discount.The great special effects, beautiful score, and incredible acting make it worth seeing. If you are already a Doctor Who fan. You should see this series, because of it's different take on the doctor. The box set includes DVD commentary on all episodes, and several hours of special features. Fast-paced and intense,"" this series The Office seasons 1-6 discount (http://www.discyou.com/goods-389.html) is a good buy.  """""										
"Doctor don't go!	My son and I watched this first series together and it was wonderful.  We were hooked right away.  It's a good deal of fun.  		http://www.amazon.com/review/R14L9B6OTEB660,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"										
"All hail Russell Davies	""Russell Davies is a great, great artist.  He has done for the buy Law and Order Special Victims Unit season 1-11 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-717.html) "Doctor Who" franchise what Rick Berman (and assoc) did for "Star Trek" - he has brought it back bigger and better than ever.  Obviously the special effects are better than the original (which were pretty meager - to be polite) - but who would have expected them to be motion picture quality? (Yes - they are THAT good).  But all would be for naught without great writing,"" directing and acting - and the new Doctor Who has all and more.I love all the episodes set in full season 1-5 Criminal Minds (http://www.discyou.com/goods-388.html) the past.  Mark Gatiss wrote "The Unquiet buy Sons of Anarchy 1-2 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-301.html) Dead" which features Simon Callow as Charles Dickens; "The Empy Child" and "The Doctor Dances" (in which we meet It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia series 1-5 boxset (http://www.discyou.com/goods-313.html) Captain Jack) had me in tears; as did "Father's Day."  "Boom Town" features negelected actress Annette Badland in a performance that should have won her an Emmy/BAFTA).  The entire series is one high note after another.  I'll cherish these discs until Daleks come to take them from me.  """""										
"The best purchase I've ever made on Amazon	""This is the best collection of DVDs that I've ever purchased.  The quality is excellent, the packaging is very well designed, the episodes the complete all 1-6 seasons of Grey's Anatomy (http://www.discyou.com/goods-384.html) are WONDERFUL and form a great, 13-episode story arch.  So well done,"" it's a shame that Eccleston didn't stick around.  Russell T. Davies is my new pin-up!  From Queer as Folk to Doctor Who....he's my new idol.  """""

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