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"Great series	I am a new fan to Doctor Who. I started watching series 5 (with Smith) on Canada's Space Network and Bones season 1-5 price (http://www.discyou.com/goods-400.html) started watching series 1 soon Rescue Me season dvd 1-5 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-363.html) after when they began broadcasting it from the beginning. I am enjoying both but I have a special affection for series 1. I think Eccleston is excellent and he has an amazing amount of charm. (After watching a few ep?sodes of series 2 online I wish I knew why he was replaced by Tennant). Billie Piper is wonderful as his assistant. She works up a good balance between cheeky youthfulness and wide-eyed Boston Legal dvd season 1-5 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-282.html) wonder. I am now sorry I did not watch the series before! I enjoy the variety of issues they deal with in this series. I also like series 5 so far - Karen Gillan is amazing as Amy Pond.  		http://www.amazon.com/review/R3R0PG4W2ZJK8V,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"										
"The best series ever.	The best series ever starts up again with a great season. A must have for sci-fi fans.  		http://www.amazon.com/review/RN7FC552DSROP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"										
"First MASH seasons 1-11 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-422.html) Season Doctoe Who	""Billie Piper, who plays Rose,"" has brought a new dimension to the Doctor's associate.  She has Gilmore Girls dvd box 1-7 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-701.html) a curiosity about what The Doctor has to offer and is very intelligent.  In many ways she's his equal.  Christopher Eccleston is a Medium season 1-7 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-3991.html) great choice for the ninth doctor.  He's sserious and Sex and the City all 1-6 seasons (http://www.discyou.com/goods-409.html) somewhat dark.  The theme of Bad Wolf running throughout the entire season was a stroke of genius.  The special effects are so much better than they used to be.  On par with American special effects.  This is definitely a must buy for Doctor Who fans.  """""										
"The Doctor is back (in the TARDIS again)	""After over ten years of being off the air, Doctor Who returned to BBC TV and to the rest of the world's TVs.  Doctor Who first came on the air in House MD season 1-6 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-283.html) 1963!  The new series starting with Christopher Eccleston as the time and space traveling "Doctor," and Billie Piper as "Rose Tyler," is labeled as "The Complete First Series," but here we are refering to the New Series not the full season 1-11 Married with Children (http://www.discyou.com/goods-398.html) Original Series.  The Doctor's oldest enemy the Daleks return.  "Captain Jack Harkness" (John Barrowman) appears in several episodes before having his own spin-off program, Torchwood.  "Rose" I Love Lucy seasons 1-8 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-352.html) becomes over two "Doctors" one of the best companions ever.  The new series, now in its fourth complete seasons is darker, more dramatic, and less campy, yet can still be humorous.  The special effects are better and on par with feature films.  After the flashy and outrageous clothing of the Doctor as played by Tom Baker, Peter Davidson, and Colin Baker, Eccleston is more Earth bound looking.  It is funny, but I seriously think Eccleston looks like a submarine captain.  This "first" season was a great restart to the overall Doctor Who world,"" but the stories get deeper and better with each new season.  In the UK Doctor Who is probably more popular than Star Trek was in the US.  Doctor Who may be seen in the US on the "cable channel" BBC America.  An internet search will yield tons of information about Doctor Who.  """""										
"It's been said before - ""Fantastic!""	""I had Married with Children box seasons 1-11 dvd (http://www.discyou.com/goods-398.html) a period of fanatical Doctor Who adoration in my past; during college Tom Baker was on, and I adored him.  I lived for my half hour Covert Affairs dvd season (http://www.discyou.com/goods-4002.html) of Doctor Who on Saturday nights!  But time passed and the Doctor faded out of my life...Now, all these years later I've finally watched Season One of the new Doctor Who, and I'd have to say that I am MORE obsessed than ever.  Christopher Eccleston tv series purchase 1-8 Charmed (http://www.discyou.com/goods-372.html) is every bit as good Scrubs season 1-9 box set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-292.html) as everyone says.  He captures the Doctor's wit, charm, Gilmore Girls seasons 1-7 dvd box set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-701.html) mystery and depth with grace and style.  Billie Piper as Rose Tyler is a delight.  The chemistry between the two just makes the show; it is as much about them as it is about him.  The plots are full of the Ghost Whisperer season 1-5 box set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-294.html) usual Doctor Who outrageousness and wacky weirdness, although with a modern edge, an often scary edge.  Still, the characters shine through,"" and the supporting cast is generally superb.  """""

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