[Wine] Re: problem starting Visual dBASEv 5.7

garydale wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 2 11:59:36 CDT 2011

After going through dependency hell trying to get the latest version installed, I get the same "Error: Printer error" on startup. The terminal messages are a little different but that's all.

wine "c:\Visualdb\bin\DBASEWIN.EXE"
fixme:toolhelp:InterruptRegister16 (0000, 0x193f00a8), stub.
fixme:int31:DOSVM_Int31Handler Real mode segment (1d5f) to descriptor: no longer supported
fixme:int31:DOSVM_FreeRMCB callback address: 1001:0000

wine --version returns wine-1.3.23

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