[Wine] Re: playonlinux - FARCRY2 glitch

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 2 23:41:13 CDT 2011

If the problem is simply the mount point, just change it.

I'd go to terminal and do:
//This gets a list of what's mounted where. Find what's mounted at /media/cdrom or whatever instead of /media/FARCRY2. It's probably /dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1 or /dev/cdrom or something like that.
//Then do:
 sudo umount [/dev/sr0 or whatever it is]
//That just unmounted it.
sudo mkdir /media/FARCRY2
//That makes that folder. We're going to mount it to that folder.
sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/FARCRY2
//That just made the contents of the disc be displayed in that folder.

Ok, now it's mounted where it wants it!

As far as how to run the game manually with WINE, you can navigate to /media/FARCRY2, right click the game launcher and tell it to run with the WINE program launcher. If that option isn't there, open terminal, type "wine" with a space after it and drag what you want to run in wine after it. The hit enter.

There are folders that contain a drive_c folder that WINE uses as a virtual C:\ drives. Also in the folder are registry keys. These folders are WINE prefixes. Each prefix is a separate "WINE world".

When you run something through wine in terminal, you can specify the prefix. For example: WINEPREFIX=$HOME/farcry2 wine [path to executable].

The default prefix is $HOME/.wine, a hidden folder. Whenever you don't specify the wine prefix, the default it used. I should say that that is the default default. If you compile WINE from source, you can pick the default WINE prefix.

So if PlayOnLinx put the game in a prefix other than the default, and you don't specify the prefix to run the launcher, it wil go to the default prefix and not find the game.

Also know that you are running the launcher off the disc which further runs the game executable in the program files folder. You aren't directly running the game executable.

Also know that it is possible that simply typing "wine" in terminal won't do it. It's actully looking in /usr/bin for a shortcut or actual executable named "wine". If the wine executable is named something else, or if the shortcut to it is named something else, you'll need to use that. For example, when I have more than one version of WINE I have a shorcut named wine1.3.22 or whatever. So I have to say "WINEPREFIX=[prefix path] wine1.3.22 [path to executable]" or something like that.

I don't think PlayOnLinux would make life hard on you like in the above to you. If they really wanted to mess with you, they could put the wine executable off in some folder somewhere with no shortcut in /usr/bin, and you'd have to write the full path to it (or you could get ahead and make a shortcut their named "wine").


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