[Wine] Wine command line - sending break signal

john4ever wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 4 05:21:49 CDT 2011


I hope someone can help me and sorry if this is answered elsewhere but I got no luck using the search.

I am new to wine and using it in a very basic way, I just need to run a simple dos program from the command line under CentOS over a remote SSH session, I do this in two different ways:

- from the linux prompt I run "wine cmd", then from inside cmd I run "program.exe"
- from the linux prompt I run "wine program.exe"

Both work pretty fine and program.exe runs as expected, the only  problem I have is that whenever I try to send a break signal to program.exe (like ctrl+c or ctrl+break) instad of terminating program.exe this actually terminates the whole wine session, which is not what I need.

How can I send keyboard signals to a program running inside wine on the command line? Is this an option I have to change in wine? or on my putty terminal? am I using wine the wrong way?

Any advise appreciated...

-- John

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