[Wine] Re: World of Tanks

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 4 13:38:17 CDT 2011

Winetricks is actually a script mostly written and maintained by Dan Kegal. This script downloads and runs the installer for many things. I think it even edits the wine registry if nessicary and does whatever trickery it needs to to install what you told it to.
You still have to click "agree" and "next" etc on the installers, but winetricks does pop them up for you.
You just go to terminal and enter "sh /usr/bin/winetricks [or wherever it is] [insert what you want winetricks to install or do here]"
You can even tell it to do more than one trick in one shot like so:
"sh /usr/bin/winetricks gdiplus dotnet20 corefonts". That will make it get gdiplus, dotnet20 and corefonts. One at a time, but it will get them.
You can even pick the prefix you want it to do trickery to, like so:
"env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/wot sh /usr/bin/winetricks gdiplus dotnet20 corefonts"
Just make sure you're connected to the Internet so it can download the installers.

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