[Wine] Unity web player

Wineexperiments187 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 5 20:11:34 CDT 2011

Hi there, While I am Getting Assistance on jump starting Wot...

I might as well ask on another topic... The Unity Web player
I heard from various rumors That I could be able to Run the unity web player and play browser games with it...

However My first attempt went Terribly Wrong...
What I tried first was to download and run a Windows version of mozilla firefox through wine and install the Unity Player through that windows version.
However, The results backfired and any games sites That I attempted to play on with the windows mozilla, Kept Freezing and I was forced to quit it.

My second attempt was to Download a windows Unity Player and install it Via WINE... It seemed to work Smoothly without a hitch.
However When I went to the mmorpg game sites, It says I Need to install the unity webplayer When I actually DID....???

Unity is currently in the development of a linux unity player
BUT... I can't wait that long, my accounts will be deleted... So any ideas?

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