[Wine] Re: Black skin in The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion

JamesDStorey wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 7 14:26:20 CDT 2011

doh123 wrote:
> asin the main title of the bug...
> Oblivion: black skin of main hero without native d3dx9_27.dll
> you need d3dx9_27.dll.  Sadly this isn't one of the ones Winetricks has by itself, so you need to add it in and set the override manually in winecfg.  Winetricks of d3dx9 will also get this along with many other dlls, and I tested it before and Oblivion worked that way, but I think the frame rate was slightly slower, because a few of those other dlls aren't really needed.

Hi doh,

Since many players are facing the problem of  "d3dx9_27.dll Not Found" after logging into XMO.  Here are one of the solution i found on other website may help you.
 http://copyright violation/download-missing-d3dx9_27-dll/
because C:\Windows\System32 doesnt have the "d3dx9_27.dll" 
so you may browse to this webpage- ,
then  "Click here to go to the download of d3dx9_27.dll" to download it.
it will automatically direct to download page, and click "Download d3dx9_27.dll", it will download  the "d3dx9_27.zip" ,unzip it and paste into C:\Windows\System32 
you're done!

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