[Wine] HTML Mail on Wine List

Jim Hall volunteer.jim at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 18:02:38 CDT 2011

> Exactly how it appears in the forum, with the HTML attachment scrubbed.  The Forum software does not do the scrubbing, Mailman does.  That is the software used for the mailing list.
> Again, if you are using GMAIL's mailer, select 'plain text', if you are using Thunderbird, click on preferences -> Composition -> Send Options -> Plain Text Domains and type in winehq.org.  Thus any message sent to the winehq.org domain will be sent in plain text.

I am using gmail. I finally found the "plain text" you're talking
about, it's at the right end of the row of icons above the message
body box. I didn't see it because I avoid those icons like the plague
and because Google is still messing with the interface (probably
always will). Very sorry for the problem. I hope this fixes it.


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