[Wine] Wine Conformance Test on Windows 9x, how to report?

nachanon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 8 08:20:44 CDT 2011

I've run two conformance test binary (winetest-latest and winetest-8cbb8cc38d01) on Microsoft Windows Me 4.90.3000,
both warned that Win9x was not supported, and I wouldn't be able to submit results.

The lastest one said that there were about 67 tests failed (some wscript and msi error dialog appeared during the test)
and it also said that there might be some problem with my configuration.
[this one got 6451 line of "Test failed"]

'8cbb8cc38d01' didn't say anything (and there was some regedit error dialog while testing).
[this one got 788 line of "Test failed"]

I've checked test.winehq.org and couldn't find any Win9x entry,
both Wine wiki and developer guide topic on Conformance Test didn't say anything about what to do after testing, or how to report the results.

So what should I do next?

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