[Wine] Re: Wine Conformance Test on Windows 9x, how to report?

nachanon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 9 01:19:47 CDT 2011

jjmckenzie wrote:
> However, if fixing Windows9x/ME BREAKS Windows NT or later 
> functionality, you may be at a loss for now.
It likely that the case where Wine's fix of Win9x line breaks WinNT line,
occured when particular application that used to work on Win9x, breaks on WinXP (or NT).

So I just need to specify in the report that the application breaks the same way on WinXP or not,
so they will be able to keep that fixed behaviour out of NT/XP line, then make them available only when
Win95/98/Me was selected in Winecfg?

And if the app is working perfectly on WinXP without any compatibility mode (which most do worked),
there's likely one less thing to worry, right?, because it might be the correct behaviour on WinXP/NT too.

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