[Wine] Need help with Warcraft II BattleNet Edition and LAN play

ICCAFSN wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 9 09:27:36 CDT 2011


I'm trying to get LAN play working with Warcraft II BNE. As many of you know, W2BNE is so old that LAN play is done through IPX networking. I realize there are instructions for installing IPX on Linux, but I'm using Mac OS X, for which there are no IPX solutions.

However, I have found that there is now a (Windows) winsock wrapper that tunnels IPX packets over UDP called IPXWrapper (http://www.solemnwarning.net/ipxwrapper/ (http://www.solemnwarning.net/ipxwrapper/)). The wrapper apparently works with C&C: Red Alert 2, Atomic Bomberman and Warcraft II. Fortunately, the author has posted the source code on his website. Unfortunately, I am no programmer and have no idea how to get his DLL's ported to work with Wine.

I do know that as it stands right now, I'm unable to get his IPXWrapper DLL files working with my Wine installation of Warcraft II BNE. Given that the source code is readily available, is anybody out there interested in porting the wrapper into something usable by wine?

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