[Wine] Re: farcry2 texture bug

Lord_Valarian wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 16 20:43:26 CDT 2011

You will have to ask the POL package maintainer if you can use the
lastest/greatest Wine development version with this program. We have
agreed that is how this will be handled with them.


However, you are free to use winetricks to try and install this program,
if it has an applications entry. Winetricks works with the latest
development version of Wine to install additional packages to make
programs like this function well (sometimes perfectly.) 

Winetricks in suse 11.4  -  kde       Bash script  

I'll check it out for "Nexus - The Jupiter Incident". I'll make another post about it, see if it will install that game and run it.  Does winetricks put an icon on the desktop?  One click run.

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