[Wine] EUIII DW: Font glitches

hwvrg wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 17 14:27:17 CDT 2011

Hi community,

as the title says I got weird font glitches with a gold title. Aside from that the application runs well as far as I can use it.

So I am going to describe the error the best i can, but you have to tell me which logs would maybe be helpful as I dont know anything about wine logging.

When I start the game, everything works well - even the initial tips are absolutely Ok, but as the game drops me in the main menu, parts of the writing would be bad. Only one letter appears, most of the time at the end - the rest is not displayed.

If you finally make it into the game, evrything seems to work, but again there is a font problem, displaying only one letter. So I think it might just be one stupid option or workaround that could help me, therefore I bother you.

I would appreciate any tip whatsover ...


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