[Wine] problems with 1.2.3 and World of Warcraft

zalaey wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 18 11:17:23 CDT 2011

i had wow working in a windows directory, i coped it to a linux partition and when i go to use the Repair.exe program htat comes with it, it starts, begins to do a repair then exits saying it does not have write permision for that directory, yet everything in that directory is still (a+rwx) since i copied it from a fat32 partition. also whatever files it had tried to use are now marked as (a-rwx, g+rwx). this happened with the wine that was shipped with debian squeeze (1.0.1) so i removed it and all associate wine librares, manualy installed the whole list of things needed when compiling from source on a debian machine and then compiled from source. notepad, and explorer seem to work fine, i have added any other tool, nor have i installed winetricks.

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