[Wine] Re: Buildung Wine on OS X

Sheva wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 18 15:34:50 CDT 2011

A already have issues, for example full screen resolution or loading textures. Also I have a few problems on running the game start. It wants to have "CD 2", but it is already launched and in listed in the preferences as mounted drive...

Its not so easy to get it up. Yesterday it recognized the "CD 2" as mounted drive and run, but today it doesnt.  :? 

I really like that game and tried to let it run under a VM, but I got CTDs after a few minuted, so I was willing to try WINE. Not easy...

I also think, that this game is kind of a 16-bit thing (I remember to have read something somewhere about that) but I dont know, what consequences will result out of this.

It would be pretty neat, if Klingon Academy would run "platinum" on Wine.  [Wink] 
Would it run better under Linux (for example Ubuntu)? I have plans to build a new machine later and get away from the bitterness of Steves evangelistic religion which somewhat gives me the creeps. It would be the upcoming bulldozer CPU with the upcoming Radeon 7k series... Is AMD supporting good drivers for Linux/Wine/etc ?

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