[Wine] Re: Buildung Wine on OS X

Sheva wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 18 17:29:27 CDT 2011

Okay, I've tested it with Wineskin and it runs... but again the mounted image is not recognized. (But showed up) :-/

I've named the disc KA_2 (for klingon academy cd 2). May it be the case, that the game wants to have a specific name for the CD and wont recognize other names than the "original"?

I have the original CDs here, but it doesnt makes any sense to put it into my drive when I have .iso images of them (plus, they only contain movies and I thought about creating a folder so that the game goes directly into the folder instead of searching the drives for them)

I think thats the border-line for me here, cause I'm not very into debugging and modding of game-files. 
(I try to change the 'movie-path' now... maybe this will do the trick)

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