[Wine] Re: Wine registration email - system failure

Ace... wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 19 08:04:55 CDT 2011

At around 10.00pm last night, I attempted once again to register with winehq forums, using my pop account.

My email address was allowed, so the deletion by james was successful.

No email confirmation was received.

I had prepared for this event by clearing my new mail box, and marking as read, my spam.

I have no filters in place on my primary isp mailbox - all filters are local via PMail. 
Ie I get all messages, and they appear in either, new mail, or spam.

What To Do?

Is it possible that somebody could check the email records for around 22.00 Mon July 18th, to see if the auto out email, was returned, so that way we would at least have a record.

I note the subject line:

Welcome to WineHQ Forums Forums

Forums is repeated - I believe that repeated words can be configured as filter triggers, though whether the isp pre filters at this level, i really don't know (but i doubt it).
But still....... that is a minor error that should anyway be sorted.

Considering that other members have registered via pop accounts:

Could there be comms problems between the wine mail sys and the FREE.FR sys.

FREE is probably the largest isp in france, so that is a lot of potential wine users.

Or do we think that WineHQ has somehow got itself onto a FREE blacklist.

What I'll do is hang fire until we've had a chance to reflect, or locate the offending email record, to see what actually happened to it.

I'll then inform FREE.

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