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1.	Introduction.
ABRACON CORPORATION (http://www.gnn-components.com/Abracon_Corporation-22-422.aspx) was established in 1992 and is the most powerful global manufacturer of Frequency Control, Signal Conditioning, Clock Distribution, and Magnetic Components. ABARACON has ISO9001 quality certification and offers a wide range of high quality microprocessor crystals, crystal oscillators, SAW devices, and a complete line of magnetic components.
2.	Product Line :
ABRACON | Programmers - Universal & Memory Based (4)
ABRACON | IC & Component Sockets (3)
ABRACON | Crystals (1134)
ABRACON | EMI/RFI Suppressors & Ferrites (100)
ABRACON | Inductor Kits & Accessories (12)
ABRACON | OCXO Oscillators (463)
ABRACON | Power Inductors (1283)
ABRACON | Programmable Oscillators (1136)
ABRACON | Signal Conditioning (144)
ABRACON | Standard Clock Oscillators (1913)
ABRACON | TCVCXO Oscillators (56)
ABRACON | VCXO Oscillators (146)
ABRACON | Linear & Switching Power Supplies (1)
ABRACON | Transformers (88)
ABRACON | Function Generators & Synthesizers (1)
ABRACON | Test Sockets (43)
ABRACON | Abracon (47) 

3.	Featured of Product.

Abracon AOCJYx Series Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (http://www.gnn-components.com/Abracon_Corporation-22-422.aspx)
The Abracon AOCJYx Series Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators are leaded ovenized precision oscillators in a miniature, RoHS compliant reflow-able package. With a High-Q, SC- or AT-Cut design, the AOCJYx Series offers excellent close-in phase noise and exceptional long-term Aging of ±3 ppm max. over a 10-year product life. Available from 10.000MHz to 100.000MHz with sinewave or CMOS RF outputs, the Abracon AOCJYxSeries Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators are available in four sizes with various stabilities. Applications include cellular infrastructure, radar systems, test and measurement equipment, GPS tracking with precision hold-over accuracy, and WiMax/WLAN.

ABRACON ATFC-0402 Thin Film Chip Inductors (http://www.gnn-components.com/Abracon_Corporation-22-422.aspx)
The ABRACON ATFC Series Thin Film Chip Inductors are ultra-miniature 1.0mm x 0.5mm x 0.32mm, photo-lithographic single layer ceramic chips with high SFR, excellent Q, superior temperature stability (-25ºC to +85ºC), and tight tolerance of ±1% or ±0.1nH. The ATFC Series feature self resonant frequency control within 10%, stable inductance in high frequency circuits, and are highly stable for critical needs. The ABRACON ATFC Series Thin Film Chip Inductors are ideal for cellular telephones, pagers, GPS products, wireless LAN, communication appliances, Bluetooth modules, VCO, TCXO circuit and RF transceiver modules. Available in case sizes 0603, 0402, and 0201.

ABRACON ASPI Series Mini Shielded SMT Power Inductors (http://www.gnn-components.com/Abracon_Corporation-22-422.aspx)
The ABRACON ASPI Series Mini Shielded SMT Power Inductors are available in various case sizes.

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