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GNN - Components

1.	Introduction:
Dinkle (http://www.gnn-components.com/DINKLE_ENTERPRISE_CO___LTD-22-465.aspx) was established on July 22nd 1983, started with the manufacturing of terminal blocks and the related products. To provide the best product, Dinkle never compromise in the product quality, with the continuous devotion to the improvement of manufacturing process as well as in the development and designing facilities. Dinkle takes the manufacturing advantages in China combining the technology of Taiwan, we aim to provide our services globally. 
2.	Product line :
DINKLE_PCB Terminal  Blocks 
DINKLE_Plugabble blocks
DINKLE_Panel Mounting Terminal blocks
DINKLE_DIN Rail Terminal blocks
DINKLE_Screwless Terminal blocks
DINKLE_Terminal blocks
3.	Featured of products :

Pluggable Terminal Blocks (http://www.gnn-components.com/DINKLE_ENTERPRISE_CO___LTD-22-465.aspx)
The EC & ESD series of pluggable terminal blocks have plugs available in pitch size of 3.5 mm, 3.81 mm, 5.00 mm, 5.08 mm, 7.50 mm, and 7.62 mm. To satisfy different applications, Horizontal Entry, Vertical entry, and Front Entry types of plugs are also available. The plugs uses wire cage clamping structure, which, do not require maintenance. They also have large contact surface, high shock-resistance, and low tendency to loosen. 

Spring Type DIN Rail  Terminal Blocks (http://www.gnn-components.com/DINKLE_ENTERPRISE_CO___LTD-22-465.aspx)
Spring type: easy-fast operation, strong clamping force, vibration proof.  High quality conductors fit the requirement of low resistance and high conductivity performance. Wire range is from 1.5 mm² up to 35 mm². Types: Universal Three conductors Four conductors Double deck .  Accessories including marking labels, bridges, and partition plates, that can meet various requirements.

Panel Feed-through terminal  (http://www.gnn-components.com/DINKLE_ENTERPRISE_CO___LTD-22-465.aspx) 
Industrial electrical devices with closed housing, e.g. devices used in power electronics, require solid feed-through terminal blocks which permit an equally reliable and convenient connection of the internal and external conductors

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