[Wine] Re: Wine registration email - system failure

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 20 13:04:22 CDT 2011

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> the handle is very frequently
> forged in spam: for instance, I see significant amounts of spam that
> allegedly was sent by yourself

Is this email you receive directly from the list, or are you accessing it via Nabble? I have noticed that Nabble mangles threads badly--posts made by other people routinely show up under my name on their site. But these same posts are correctly attributed on both the forum and in the WineHQ archives.  

> a poster doesn't have to supply a valid e-mail address to sign up - at
> least its been blank in every one of the few poster profiles I've looked
> at.

Yes, they do. If they didn't, the original poster in this thread would not be having the problem he had.  The forum gives registered users the choice of whether or not to show their email address in their profile. People who don't want to give out their email address to random strangers--i.e., sensible people--check "no." If you look at my profile, you won't see my email address, either.

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