[Wine] How to Pawn a tiffany and company Necklace

skym04 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 20 20:54:18 CDT 2011

Tiffany and Co is practically synonymous with elegant, regal jewelry. though the famous-name jewellery in the signature blue box might garner a better price than a comparable item from an unfamiliar maker, what a pawnbroker gives you for your necklace will not fit its retail store value. The reason is simple: pawn shops make dollars by buying minimal and reselling high; it is up to you, the seller, to get the best price possible for your bauble. Get your necklace appraised so you are better equipped to negotiate using the pawnbroker.
Take the necklace to a licensed tiffany and company (http://www.tiffanyand-cooutlet.org)'s appraiser. The appraiser will value the piece, and provide you with information about its background and origins.Locate a minimum of 3 pawn shops in your area. check out the first pawn shop in your list, and possess the pawnbroker evaluate the necklace.
Negotiate using the pawnbroker to reach his best offer. His first offer will be deliberately low, so be sure to counteroffer. Remember, pawn shops want to pay the smallest price so they are able to turn the biggest profit; your job is to secure the best price possible for your tiffany necklace. reach an agreement on price. possess the pawnbroker write up his offer for reference. check out the other pawn shops in your list, and follow the same procedure. evaluate the offers with the necklace; then, market the necklace to the pawnbroker who has produced the greatest offer.

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