[Wine] Re: Office 2003 setup - Unhandled page fault on read access

JayKay wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 22 02:18:32 CDT 2011

If 1.2.3 is the stable version, then why 1.3.24 is installed from repositories?

I tried to install 1.2.3 but could not get over this error:

checking for X... no
configure: error: X development files not found. Wine will be built
without X support, which probably isn't what you want. You will need to install
development packages of Xlib/Xfree86 at the very least.
Use the --without-x option if you really want this.

because i do not understand which packages/libraries it wants me to install on Fedora 15.
Can anybody suggest something?

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