[Wine] Re: Continent of the ninth - c9 - by hangame

EDREAMER wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 22 11:40:44 CDT 2011

Hello Caddish,

While it is probably possible to get C9, the game, to work in Ubuntu with the proper config for WINE, the issue you are running into is with GameGuard.

GameGuard is the games security layer, that many games have been using to protect from hacking and other security issues. At this time I do not believe that any game running GameGuard can run in WINE because gameguard has no workaround as of right now. There may be some more experienced users that have figured out hacks or a workaround for the GameGuard software, or certain configuration with WINE combined with specific install procedures (i.e. Native install on Windows that has been copied to your WINE directory) that work. 

In short, I don't believe there are any reliable solutions to games that use GameGuard at present.

Hope someone is able to point you in a direction that helps if they have a solution that has been tested.

Good luck,

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