[Wine] Re: Booting from a flash and need to install wine

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 25 19:00:32 CDT 2011

Hello! :)

      As college draws near, I'm being sucked back into the demands of life. You'll be seeing less and less of me until next summer, at least I hope I'll have time next summer.
      Before I'm gone, I figured I better ask Bigt about the "TeamViewer package": What do you mean by "package"?

      I don't know what you mean by "package". I suspect you think you can install a Windows program with a Linux package manager. You can't (unless the package comes with its own WINE). In Linux, Windows programs are installed through WINE, not the package manager.

     Deb and rpm files are Linux packages, not exe or msi files. You can only use the package manager to install Linux programs (in Linux).

     You say you need wine to "load TeamViewer". So I'm guessing that TeamViewer is a Windows program. Program "packages" usually refer to Linux (or maybe some other open source operating systems) packages, which are installers for programs. You open the package with the package manager, and it installs the package, and the package manager is made aware of the program you installed via the package, and thus you can use the package manager to uninstall the program that you installed with the package. For example, you can download  gdisk_0.7.1-1_i386.deb to your desktop, and open it with the package manager to install the 32-bit version of gdisk into Debian Linux (*.deb refers to _deb_ian). If you are in a Linux that is rpm based, you need the rpm package. If there is no such thing as gdisk_0.7.1-1_i386.rpm, you can use Alien (a Linux program) to convert the deb into an rpm or vise versa, and then you open the resultant package with your package manager to install gdisk, in this example.

    My point is, if TeamViewer is a Windows program, then there is no Linux package for it. What do you have that you call a "TeamViewer package"? Do you mean the installer? Is the installer an *.exe? Is it an *.msi? Exe's are Windows programs (sometimes programs that install other programs), and Linux does not by itself run them. It can run exes through WINE. Msis are Microsoft Installers. They are also intended to be ran under Windows to install a program into Windows. Msis can be installed via WINE on Linux using the msi utility.

    Or do you have to run a Windows program to load a Linux-native version of TeamViewer?

    Then there's source code, which can be downloaded as a tar.bz2 or something like that. Source code needs to be compiled.

     I hope this clears things up.


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