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Mon Jul 25 21:55:24 CDT 2011

A long time ago, in order to open up new streets, London removed a lot of old buildings.and this is the fashion city,many people want to come here,people crazy for the tory burch handbag (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/2/),because this is a fashion city. However, for various reasons, did not start the new road a long time, hanging in the ruins of the old building where, despite the sun and rain. One day, a group of natural scientists here, found in the ruins on a piece of wild flowers and weeds actually grow. Surprisingly, some of which flowers in the UK has never been seen, they are usually grown in Mediterranean countries. These buildings were demolished, mostly along the River Thames in Roman Britain when the attack had built. Most of the seeds of these plants is that when they were brought here, they are pressed under a heavy stone tiles, year after year, the loss of growth opportunities for germination. Most of the seeds of these plants is that when they were brought here, they are pressed under a heavy stone tiles, year after year, the loss of growth opportunities for germination.their life of these flowers like the people who wear the basketball shoes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/357/),so Vibrant.
In fact, human life, too, in life's journey, we often encounter a variety of setbacks and failures, as long as you have a firm belief in mind, efforts to find, will always find ways to help themselves, through that, "ray of sunshine . "Once the sun shines, will be able to sprout new life, new beauty bloom. The real life of dedication to the pursuit of beauty with truth and goodness, it does not flatter distort their image, altered his facial lines, but will not let their beautiful background infected with dust pollution. Unless the fire to burn to ashes, dust to make it into the otherwise beautiful life like a clear stream, is always tough and focused, optimistic, strong ground towards the sea, until the last drop. Have such a spiritual person, he will not only seek external gorgeous,like the gucci men shoes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/397/), There will be higher and the pursuit of the ideal.
The reason why a beautiful life, it is in the process of flesh and blood, has lifted a beautiful theme: the eternal beauty of reason, is in the background of life, always flowing to the world's most pure human conscience and desire. As a result, life exists because of the beautiful, beautiful and eternal life for. This links also to pray for the unity of God. Young people have a young heart, so is always full of interest for these trends, always think this is a human beauty. All day to indulge in fashion, in order to catch up with someone else's footsteps, even to pay the amount of money do not care.in order to get the edhardy clothes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/265/),they can do their best,but they forhet what is the beauty.not only from their outside.
Everyone has different views on the beautiful, feel beautiful and gives us a lot of different meanings. Maybe beauty is very far away for us, maybe they close, I hope we in the pursuit of beauty at the same time do not ignore your family, do not hurt people you love love you. Many people will pursue their most beautiful, but people will always be fooled by the beautiful appearance, did not recognize the beauty of nature. There are many beautiful, with the inner world of beauty, a beautiful appearance, and so on. Hope that those who came to the beautiful things around us, we will clearly identify the essence of beauty.pay more attention to the fashion,people become more and more crazy.when she see his friend have a ghd straightener (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/162/),it is fashion and can make girl become beautiful,she can’t give up to buy it.
Are the envy of all those boys and girls look beautiful, although they got us envy, but envy in that after they lost a lot of moving West. Many times we will have a beautiful appearance self-energy at all costs, do cosmetic surgery ah, or to institutions for treatment Yeah beauty. Is our goal in life is to pursue their own to have a beautiful appearance it? Yes, beautiful appearance is to increase people's impression of you, but we do not forget, the beauty of the soul than all of your beauty. Our target to give your life a little higher, eyes looking a little, because we are far more attractive landscape.For example,not all of the things which is the most expensive are become the best,I think you also need to pay more attention to others.if you choose a cheap polo shirts (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/270/),although it is cheaper,but in fact,it is good quality.So, Do not blind pursuit of beauty. Heart of beauty in everyone, appropriate dress for themselves what is possible, as is the graceful and generous so that we can better work and study.
I think that is the beauty of the soul and beauty do not compare, because the feeling inside the soul is to rely on our own experience, the experience of others is not, like an invisible smile is our language, can only be hidden in the heart. A good heart will always be for the benefit of our humanity, to the dark can bring comfort to people who think this world is beautiful. We use the mind to benefit others, you will get an unexpected surprise you, others will appreciate the vision you cast, because of their access to other people is certainly something we are happy is our progress.don’t just known the chanel handbags (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/32/) is so fashion,we need known some knowledge,this is the most more important side. I believe a good soul, a soul full of meaning, one day quote rates for the beautiful flowers, to get people's recognition and appreciation. I think the real beauty, beauty without any cover up, do not you pay for beauty comes from the soul, because the mind is wandering a long time in the haven, the pursuit of spiritual beauty of the pursuit of any kind will be better than you beautiful, my friends, may wish to locate their own goals in life, the pursuit of the soul did not, then you will feel very happy, he is the world's happiest people. You do not need to express beauty, you only need to understand with the heart.we needn’t pay more attention to the outside beauty,like the tom ford sunglasses (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/139/),but we must make us more temperament.
The world's never a lack of beauty, but beauty still compelling.

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