[Wine] Quoi D’Neuf by Hervé Villemade

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Tue Jul 26 00:28:53 CDT 2011

This bottle of Quoi D’Neuf by Hervé Villemade, a primeur from the Loire, was a real pleasure, a thirst wine that you sip without second thoughts and restriction to the last drop : This Pinot Noir with a bit of Gamay is fruity, gouleyant and fresh. This proves that even tasted several months after its release, a Vin Nouveau can deliver. It arrived on the market on the third thursday of november (2009) like the other Nouveau wines and was labelled as Vin de Table, as the Appellation can be given only from december 15. The wine was vinified on a base of Cheverny red, whole-clusters covered with CO2 in a tronconic wooden vat. Usually Hervé Villemade makes the primeur with a majority of Gamay but this vintage was so beautiful and plentiful regarding the Pinot Noir that the blend was 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Gamay. This nearly-SO2-free and unfiltered wine had a price tag of about 6 € at Le Verre Volé (the wine shop at 38 rue Oberkampf in Paris) and Villemade made only 2000 bottles of it, so hurry up for the last bottles.... The label was designed by the Paris-based American artist Mattew Rose, who works with collages like the surréalistes. The man who lives near the wine shop La Cave des Papilles is a regular of the wine shop where he met once Hervé Villemade and had this label project started. This all makes this small-batch cuvee even more desirable. Here is his Flickr Photo stream with some of his Art.
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