[Wine] Re: Wine registration email - system failure

Ace... wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 26 08:53:12 CDT 2011

So now, after some serious debate; what consensus conclusions can we draw?

1. Do we now think that, in fact, WineHQ is NOT a major source of spam?
2. Could it still be the case (hence the isp block)?

3. Could it be that WineHQ WAS a major source of spam, and was therefore blacklisted, and remains so?
(the latter: it used to be the case that blacklisting only lasted two or three months)


4. Could it be that WineHQ was never a major source of spam?

5. Could it be possible that the original log result of the refused mail; was actually, specifically correct.

Ie. Spam detected

meaning that the format, or something in the message, is triggering a spam filter?

If there is a consensus that the latter assumption could be correct, then perhaps it may be worthwhile, tidying up the registration auto email, from the perspective of "potential filter rules".

We have already identified the 'repeated word' bug, in the subject line.....
.... in fact I've just had another look at the email.

(Subject:) Welcome to WineHQ Forums Forums

(1st line ) Welcome to WineHQ Forums Forums

If the mail message is scanned subsequent to
 the subject line; in 7 words, Forums is mentioned 4 times!
(+ both lines are exactly the same)

While this may have no bearing whatsoever:

a) It isn't very good
b) It is asking for trouble

Once this email has been modified, let's try it again.

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