[Wine] Re: Wine 1.3.25 kills sound with PulseAudio

Erufailon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 26 19:24:11 CDT 2011


I was searching for about 3h to find another volume control applet but I didn't found anything. Even the old Volume Control from 10.04 or 10.10 that was compatible with ALSA  is removed from 11.04 and just now I found that even the default "Sound" program is not working.
As said in the previous post by mikefreeman72 the Ubuntu users are the majority user base of Wine as ex-Windows users (me included).
I always check the release not of any update and the only thing mentioned was "Rewrite of the audio support, using the Win7 architecture." Does that mean "Any PulseAudio program will stop having sound"? I think it's a major mistake from Wine Team that caught many people by surprise.
If there is a thread with PulseAudio bugs then that means that are working on that bugs not that they will stop support for Ubuntu users, because lets face it, the everyday user does not want an update to force him change something that is by default in his system. If it is then they must stop supporting Ubuntu because the majority of Ubuntu users is using the default drivers.

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