[Wine] Re: Mouse dont hide in fullscreen games

hotshotkev wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 27 18:41:25 CDT 2011

same issue think it was 1.3.22 or 1.3.23 i forget witch worked fine. but 1.3.24 and 1.3.25 both have mouse bug for games.

I need to reinstall the wine prefix for 1.3.25 yet to see if this will fix it.

also there is a dinput.dll that would fix this. So i heard, and would need to read thru google to find it.

Best to use the wine ver. that works for what your need. Not always the newest "Dev/Beta" release.

Hope we can get a some stable mouse in fullscreen apps/games soon.

Has part to do with linux mouse mouse position thingy a program outside winehq's control.

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