[Wine] [Wine Patch]Create a new .dll

Berillions wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 28 03:25:40 CDT 2011


When i read the comments for "Batman : Arkham Asylum", i saw that Giovanni Ongaro has create a patch to port xliveless to wine. This patch allows to save the game.

This patch is available here : joe.paco-net.ch/xlivelesswine.patch

I download this patch and i compile wine 1.3.25 with it. 
But i have a problem, when the compilation is finished, there isn't a file "xlive.dll.so", there are only the build files.

Where from the problem can come because i would like to test this patch with the game.

Thanks ;)

PS : I don't know if this patch is correct too

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