[Wine] Re: Is it possible to port (part of) WINE to iOS?

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 4 17:33:49 CDT 2011

I said that you can place wine ON TOP OF a processor emulator, not that it is one.
Let's break this down. A processor runs a program called a kernel. That is the only program the processor runs directly, unless you have a rootkit, which is usually pretty bad.
All your other programs are ran by the kernel, which passes code onto the processor.
Therefore the kernel and the pieces of programs that get passed onto the processor must be in terms that the processor can directly execute.
WINE is a kernel ran by another kernel. It passes code from the Windows applications it is running onto the host kernel to be passed to the processor.
There is no translation of processor-level instructions being translated from one processor's instruction set to another processor's instruction set anywhere in there.
Therefore, in order for WINE to run programs compiled for (in terms of) an x86 processor, WINE must have an x86 processor.
That processor can be a physical x86 processor, or it can be an emulated one.
I said that you can place wine ON TOP OF a processor emulator, not that it is one. A WINE app would have to come with it's own x86 processor emulator packaged as a part of the app. To make such an emulator would be an endeavor separate from the WINE project. That doesn't mean we'll have to hate that dev team or anything; it would just be a separate project.
Hope that clears it up. I didn't mean to make any confusion.
And by the way, Ahso, I wrote this post on my iPhone. Come on, you got to have some humor.

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