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Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Wed Jun 8 07:26:56 CDT 2011

On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 06:05 -0500, KhalidAl wrote:
> jjmckenzie wrote:
> > On 6/5/11 7:27 AM, KhalidAl wrote:
> > 
> > > jjmckenzie wrote:
> > > do you actually think that I would know that it's because of using the 
> > > user root if I havn't searched the error was just saying it can't find 
> > > the x11 driver and that's it so yeah I did search I'm not demanding 
> > > anything but just to bear with me till I get it working I've never 
> > > used this version so I can't find any docs/support apart from here so 
> > > if you don't mind tell me how to add root to the video users
> > > 
> > You don't add root to the video users group, you add the normal user.  
> > Since this is outside of Wine's domain, I'm going to ask that you use 
> > Google and your Linux distribution's forums.  I did recommend that you 
> > look at the forum as this has been encountered before and I did not and 
> > should not provide this answer (I'm not a Linux user and MacOSX does not 
> > suffer from this problem.)
> Well then we can wait for a WINE user who has been using linux I'm not
> requiring information on how to do it on a specific distro all what I
> need to know is how to compile and run an application on this version
> while I'm doing that I got a WINE output error which I believe so if
> for this community because not every one from my distro community
> needs to do or has done what I'm trying to do [Crying or Very sad]
What you need to find out how the Linux permission systems works and how
to set the permissions for groups, users and files. This is general
Linux knowledge, not specific to any particular distro. 

Using Wine needs more knowledge than how to click icons on the desktop,
so you have some learning to do. 

If you're a power Windows user (i.e. can use its command line and know
more than just clicking buttons and expecting things to 'just happen')
getting a copy of "Linux in a nut shell", and looking up stuff as you
need it will see you right, but the book does assume that you're up to
speed with at least one other OS and can use a command line. If this
isn't you, you're better off with a book that explains the basics:
"Linux for Dummies" is generally well regarded for a complete Linux and
OS newbie.


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