[Wine] Re: Steam Ghost Window??

at0m wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 11 06:04:49 CDT 2011

Where is the edit Button??

Ok, here is some output from the console when i start Steam.exe there:

USER at s1:~/.wine/drive_c/Programme/Steam$ wine Steam.exe 
ALSA lib ../../../src/seq/seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
fixme:process:SetProcessShutdownParameters (00000100, 00000000): partial stub.
fixme:urlmon:CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled 5, 0x00000002, 1, stub
fixme:urlmon:CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled 10, 0x00000002, 1, stub
fixme:win:WIN_CreateWindowEx Parent is HWND_MESSAGE
fixme:system:SystemParametersInfoW Unimplemented action: 8202 (SPI_GETFONTSMOOTHINGTYPE)
fixme:shell:IsUserAdmin stub
fixme:toolhelp:CreateToolhelp32Snapshot Unimplemented: heap list snapshot
fixme:toolhelp:Heap32ListFirst : stub
fixme:shell:IsUserAdmin stub

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