[Wine] Continent of the ninth - c9 - by hangame

Caddish wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 11 08:23:56 CDT 2011

Hey there,

first off, English is not my native language, i would be glad if you could forgive me the mistakes i may do.

Ive been trying to get "Continent of the ninth" running on my Ubuntu 10.04 system. Ive already searched the web for solutions but it seems to me that no Linux user plays this game.
Installing the game was no problem, but it just wont start/update.
Back then i used windows, i had to install an small program from the web site. Now it seem that I'm offered to do so via the Launcher but theres no reaction after i click the cube for the plugin download.
The biggest problem may be that the game as well as the website is in Korean. Most of the error messages are "???????".

I don't expect anyone to swing a magic stick and solve all my problems,
but if anyone dose play this game and know how to update and play it I would be glad if this someone could help me out.


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