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ship to travel to Europe when I take a cruise NORWEGIAN (Norway No.), than the \Improve the functionality of its range, the luxury, comfort, safety level, are not more than the Titanic. 
 \It was first launched in October 2007, the Norwegian cruise company can offer the best service representative. Huge hull above the water level had fourteen storeys. Everything inside the facility. 
 cruise can accommodate more than two thousand visitors, in addition, services for tourists who have thousands of people. Standards of performance hall and dance hall, arrange different programs every night, day and night playing video hall classic films. 
the number of offices outside 
 swimming pool, Jacuzzi and outdoor sports surfing, indoor gym, for visitors to relax the body. 
 the cruise ship in Venice, the port also stopped a lot of other companies in the cruise. No cruise ship is the Costa, its tourist routes and Norway similar numbers, so the sea can often see its shadow. 
 ten specialty restaurants on board, there is a large buffet restaurant, cafeteria, open 24 hours,chinese airlines (http://chinatour.net/flight/), ready to get ice cream and desserts and stuff, but added the real leisure. 
 way line, every night the room had a briefing the next day to introduce the next day's attractions, activities on board the arrangements in place, weather forecast and sunrise, sunset time. 
 if given the opportunity, be sure to experience the 21st century under the coolest way to travel cruise vacation. 
 Let us go!

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