[Wine] Re: Why doesn't Portal with Wine with the radeon driver work?

s3a wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 12 21:16:56 CDT 2011

I use Debian (which didn't detect OpenGL at all) but I tried Ubuntu 11.04 and I played another game with so many polygons flying around but OCCASIONALLY, it looked normal but had certain things missing. The people were missing for example, but when the people faced you, you saw floating blue-green eyes. What this means to me is that, the open source radeon driver is not ready YET but that, in Debian the Wine that I compiled from source as well as the Wine from WineHQ's repository (Ubuntu had it in it's own repositories) did not detect OpenGL at all whereas Ubuntu's Wine 1.2 detected OpenGL although it screwed things up.

I want to know how to make Wine see OpenGL such that I can have it ready for when the open source radeon driver is ready. I own an ATI/AMD HD 4850 and, by the way, fglrx is the catalyst proprietary driver. I am not that opposed to using it and don't mind doing so in the meantime but I would still like to know how to resolve my issue such that I can play my games using the open source radeon driver in the future.

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