[Wine] Sims 3 and the DVD bug. Some questions.

Metastopheles wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 13 02:09:37 CDT 2011

I have come over to wine from Cedega.  I love wine by the way.  Sims 3 on Cedega saw the DVD with no issues, however since coming over to wine, I need a no cd patch.
 I applied the wine patch in bug 26273, it now sees the DVD but cannot verify the authenticity of the DVD and recommends I "Contact my Administrator!"
 I note that in the bug a winetrick was used with the file type, does any one know how to invoke this winetrick parameter? read_udf_file_name.
 The reason for it is
1. I like doing things the way they where designed, and 
2. The graphics lock in with the "no cd" solutions really annoys me. No reflections in mirrors, Vampires are now without "vamp colour", poor aliasing ...etc

Thanks for any suggestions or ideas, and even reading this and maybe thinking about it for a while.

If I manage to find a solution, I'll come back.

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