[Wine] Re: How about add 3D-stereo-features in future?

Thunderbird wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 14 23:54:09 CDT 2011

There are two forms of Stereo3D which you see right now.

The first method is part of the Nvidia Windows drivers. Essentially the Nvidia drivers contain some 'tricks' to render each frame twice from a different angle. This is not trivial and part of the magic is a database with hacks to apply for each game.

The second method is games doing their own Stereo 3D rendering. This relies on Direct3D hacks either from Nvidia/AMD/iZ3D to get a backbuffer per eye.

Don't ever expect the first method to work on Wine. We would need our own game specific database and hacky stereo3d code in wined3d. The second method (if there would be some standard) could potentially be supported on Wine at some point. The issue is that right now there is no Stereo3D on consumer cards on Linux.

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