[Wine] Re: Can WINE convert a business card designed in Inkscape?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 18 19:41:19 CDT 2011

There is a simple solution to Inkscape PDF issues and some print locations.

Install on OS X or Linux a PDF printer http://www.cups-pdf.de/ print to that.  Then PDF is fine.  By default it produces what is called PDF/A

Most of the issues with Inkscape and print locations is producing documents that will open perfectly in adobe reader and other readers yet fail completely in mass production lines.   Reason using PDF features outside PDF/A  A stands for archive format.

BCgroundZero basically what did they try to open it with.  With windows adobe or with their printing press.  If with their printing press it will be the PDF/A issue.

Really wish Inkscape would add a PDF/A limitation switch so pdf printer was not required to fix the mess up.  LibreOffice, OpenOffice and lyx all include PDF/A export options.

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