[Wine] Can WINE help me using Dell Axim from Puppy Linux 511?

Benny7440 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 19 15:30:21 CDT 2011

Since I'm new to this forum I probably I'm doing something wrong, I'm sorry if this's the case!
I don't have a windows base system, solely Puppy Linux. I do have an Axim, though; can't do hardly anything useful with it since starting using just Linux. Went through many pages about WINE but failed to locate any useful info. That's the reason for posting my issue here.
I've the original cd that came with the Pocket PC &, for the moment, I've connected a Vista hdd to this VAIO. The original hdd is missing (think it was running XP Pro but not sure). BTW, the Vista version in the hdd is something like MME.
Does somebody around has managed to use a Pocket PC from/within linux via WINE or otherwise?
Thanks! [Question]

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